Sativa Vs Indica

Sativa strains are known to have more psychoactive properties which can stimulate its users in an energetic and creative way. Some users claim sativa's help them focus and become more productive.

However, sativa's can leave some users feeling anxious, nervous and even paranoid. Sativa strains tend to have higher THC psychoactive compounds vs an Indica dominant strain. 

It is also important to mention science has not yet discovered why Marijuana makes some users feel paranoid while other users experience just the opposite. An accurate diagnosis for people with a predisposition for these negative affects has not yet been discovered.

Finally, people diagnosed with paranoia or anxiety will sometimes use sativa strains to relax and calm themselves while users with no previous history of anxiety may experience a sense of anxiousness until the effects wear off. 

Indica Dominant strains are better known for their medicinal pain relieving properties because of their high CBD content and low THC amount. Indicas are used by many cancer patients during chemotherapy.

Besides pain, Indicas are also known for helping people deal with insomnia, a lack of appetite, anxiety, A.D.H.D, A.D.D and many other medical issues.

Indicas are sometimes preferred over Sativa strains simply because they are less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia episodes because of their low THC psychoactive content.

This strain is often chosen by parents who want their children to find an alternative for pain management without the unpleasant psychoactive effects Sativa strains can produce. 

While Sativas are better known as the more stimulating of the two phenotypes, Indicas are known for their relaxing effects.

 Individual results may vary.

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