All Organic Ganja Coffee Blend

Do you love to drink coffee and medicate with cannabis?

Well so do we!

We've combined the two by infusing cannabis oil with our organic house blend. Our Ganja Coffee will give you the kick to start your morning and the healing properties of cannabis to keep you stress free throughout the day.

With Ganja Coffee, you can enjoy the peace and privacy of medicating without any suspicions from your peers. Whether you're in school or the office, enjoy a cup today.

We have 3 options to choose from. 

*Small > 12 oz  $4.00 (1 free cup with every $50 order!)

*Large> 16 oz  $6.00

1.> Pure Sativa Blend

2.> Pure Indica Blend

3.> Hybrid House Blend "The sidewinder" (sativa/indica mix) 

***Please note due to costs, coffee deliveries are only made when the total purchase amount is equal to or exceeds the $45 dollar minimum.  

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