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Rick Simpson Oil
(RSO) has been shown to treat Multiple Sclerosis in Europe through science. Other people have claimed RSO has cured them of cancer or have significantly helped them through the chemo process.

A brief description of this item is its mainly used by people suffering from pain and would like to try an alternative to opiates. RSO is made using the whole plant as there are many other compounds besides THC and CBD's which have medicinal value. The way it supposedly works is it helps strengthen our own bodies immune system and natural ability to fight off cancer. Into today's society our bodies are bombarded with toxins on a daily basis weakening our bodies own ability to cure it self. Individual results may vary, but we encourage you to please perform your own research and hear everyday people from around the world talk about the medicinal benefits it has provided them. (Google, "healing properties of Rick Simpson Oil")

The whole plant including the leaves, stems, roots and buds are boiled down into a alcohol bath with the alcohol evaporated leaving a super concentrated gooey substance. We provide this product at cost and hope it may provide some relief and assistance to you, a family member or someone you know.

Please watch the short documentary HERE for more information regarding Rick Simpson Oil.

These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and we are only providing 2nd hand testimony from our members.

We only carry one particular blend of RSO made by Stoney Girl Gardens which spent two years developing the oil based on genetic selection and breeding for the best results.

($10 per gram 1 gram tubes displayed)


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